Medical Office Management Chiropractic Billing Service

At Medical Office Management, we provide assistance to chiropractic practices by connecting their in-house ChiroTouch software to our billing service. For more than 20 years, we have offered medical billing and office management to our clients.

Some benefits of our service include:

CCCPC Certified Chiropractic Coders ICD-10 Certified Coders

We know the CPT codes that are specific to Chiropractors, and we can help you use the most optimal codes to insure payment while avoiding rejections or denials.

Practice Monitoring

Monthly monitoring of financial trends in your business. We can show you which procedures generate the most revenue as well as information vital for future marketing of your services.

EOB Posting

A crucial task of medical practices is accurate payment posting combined with immediate follow up on denials. We include payment and EOB posting in our services to ensure your accounts are balanced. We can also post your AUTO and PI EOB's as a courtesy to ensure their accuracy. 

Lower Overhead

When using our service, you can expect a lower overhead, allowing your staff to focus on the needs of the patient, which results in better overall treatment.

A/R Monitoring

Our staff is focused on billing and collection of your A/R. As your success is our success, we collaborate with you to maximize your profits.

Front Desk Support

Since many problems in a practice originate from the front desk, we work directly with your front desk staff with day-to-day matters. We provide them with standard operating procedures (SOP) to improve efficiency and avoid errors. Our SOPs were formulated from years of working with several chiropractic offices nationwide.

Billing and Coding

With ever-changing policies and regulations from insurance companies and regulatory bodies, it is tough for physicians and their staff to keep pace. This confusion results in the incorrect filing of claims and poor reimbursements. We will help you.

Claims Denial

It is estimated that 10% of physician revenue is lost due to a lack of denial management processes. We ensure denials are addressed, and you are paid for the work you have performed.

Accounts Receivables

Money waiting to be collected is a potential loss, do not let your revenue slip away.

Depending on your billing method, you should expect to receive payment in as little as 15 days. If your insurance payments are averaging a turnaround time longer than 30 days, call us.

Accounts Receivables Analysis

We perform monthly analysis of your practice's income by identifying aging claims and fixing any issues that increase your revenue.


Your practice needs someone to handle your billing that knows your software inside and out. At our company, we specialize in your specific software, such as ChiroTouch and